Small Kindnesses

Susan Damon

READ : Ephesians 3:14-21

After the war, German army barracks near Diny’s house were converted into a Dutch army training camp. Some of the soldiers there attended Diny’s church. “You should invite those soldiers home for coffee,” the minister said one day from the pulpit. So after the service, Diny’s family’s farmhand struck up a conversation with Cor, and invited him home for coffee.

After training, the young soldiers were shipped far away to Indonesia. “They will be lonely,” said the minister one Sunday from the pulpit. “You should write to them.” And so Diny wrote to Cor, the only soldier she knew. Three years and many letters later, Cor returned to Holland, and some time after that, he and Diny were married.

Too often we underestimate what God can do with small kindnesses, with simple, unspectacular obedience. Rahab did not know that her small kindness in hiding the Israelite spies would save her family’s life when Jericho was destroyed. Boaz did not know that his small kindness toward the foreigner Ruth would lead to the continuation of the line of Christ.

Today, six children and 21 grandchildren owe their lives in part to the small kindnesses of Diny and the farmhand. Our powerful God, who created everything from nothing, can do much with little!


Lord, help us to be faithful with small kindnesses. In Jesus’ name. Amen.