Church Work

Susan Damon

READ : Ephesians 4:7-16

Berend’s family was the first in our church to arrive in Canada. Starting in middle age with $500, Berend and his wife Wiechertje, helped by their children, built what is now one of the largest dairy operations in Canada. But Berend’s greatest satisfaction has come from helping those who arrived after him.

Many new arrivals stayed with Berend and Wiechertje, who found (or gave) them jobs and places to live. When the immigrants had saved enough to buy farms, Berend helped them get a good deal. Immigrants gathered monthly in Berend and Wiechertje’s home for mutual encouragement and advice.

Berend refers to this as his “church work.” He helped to establish a community of people who not only worshiped together but supported each other in every aspect of their lives. “I couldn’t lead like some of the other people in the church,” he says, “but that is what I could do.”

We can’t all be leaders or teachers. But we can do so much else! Perhaps we can repair cars for single moms with limited incomes. Clean house or babysit for the ill. Advise on money management. Write a poem or a song for a special occasion. Anything we do to serve our community of faith is church work, and to God it is all of equal value!


Lord, open our eyes to new ways of serving You in our faith communities. In Jesus’ name. Amen.