Small Miracles

Susan Damon

READ : 1 Chronicles 16:8-22

It was Berend and Wiechertje’s first Sunday in Canada. Of course they would go to church. They unpacked their bikes from the wooden crates and set out with their oldest daughter for Kitchener, a good-sized city about twenty miles away. They had heard there was a Christian Reformed church there. The service would be in Dutch.

Arriving at last in Kitchener, the bicyclists inquired of passersby where the church was. “There is a church,” the people replied, pointing. “And there, and there, and there!” With their limited English, Berend and Wiechertje couldn’t explain which church they were looking for. How would they ever find it in a city this size?

Then a car pulled alongside them. “Bent u een Hollander? (Are you Dutch?)” the people called out the window.

“Ja!” Berend and Wiechertje exclaimed in relief. “We are looking for the Christian Reformed church!”

“That is our church,” the people answered. “The service starts at 2:30, but first come to our house for coffee.” So, against great odds, Berend’s family made it to church that Sunday and heard the Word of God in their own language!

The Bible is full of amazing miracles. But so are our lives, if only we have the faith to see them!


Lord, help us to see the miracles in our lives today. In Jesus’ name. Amen.