When God Is Silent

Susan Damon

READ : Jeremiah 29:8-14

Gerda had no desire to leave Holland. Moving far from her family to a strange land with a strange language did not appeal to her at all.

But Gerda’s mother-in-law wanted to emigrate, to give her younger sons a chance to farm. As the oldest son, Gerda’s husband John felt he should go along to help. But he did not want to go against the wishes of his beloved wife.

For months, John and Gerda prayed about what they should do. One night after praying, Gerda said, “I think I can go now,” but already the next morning she regretted her words.

John and Gerda never did receive a clear answer from God. No voice spoke from heaven. No appropriate text leaped from the pages of Scripture. But when finally they made the decision to go, they both felt at peace. They would trust God to work things out.

Have you ever longed for clear direction from God, only to have your prayers met with resounding silence? At such times, when we have prayed earnestly for wisdom and God’s will, consulted friends and family, and carefully considered all the options, we may need simply to step out in faith, believing that God will honor our desire for obedience. For no matter what happens, we have God’s promise never to forsake us and to work in all things for our good.


Lord, help us to find peace in Your promises, even when the way is not clear. In Jesus’ name. Amen.