God Gives Laughter

Susan Damon

READ : Proverbs 17:15-22

Far too soon it was moving day. John and Gerda rushed about, attending to countless last-minute details. It wasn’t like moving across town. If you forgot something, too bad! Gerda dressed the baby, bundled him into his buggy, and set him outside. At least little Appie was ready to go.

It was a sad and somber group of family and friends that finally set off, on foot and laden with baggage, to catch the bus that would take them to the boat. Few words were spoken. Canada was so far away! They thought they would never see each other again.

A way down the road, Gerda suddenly stopped. The baby! Where was little Appie? In the last-minute confusion, they had left him sleeping in his buggy outside! As they rushed back to get Appie, everyone had to laugh. What if the family had gotten on the boat without Appie? Wouldn’t that have been something! Their laughter eased their gloom.

Think about it: of all God’s creatures, we are the only ones who laugh! Maybe it is compensation for our knowledge of good and evil, to balance our consciousness of sin and sorrow. Or maybe it’s because, of all God’s creatures, we humans can be the silliest. But whatever the reason God gave us laughter, it is truly a precious gift!


Lord, thank You for the gift of laughter. In Jesus’ name. Amen.