God Blesses Obedience

Susan Damon

READ : Psalm 32:6-11

After John’s accident, he was taken to Toronto for rehabilitation. Gerda went with him, leaving their children with her mother-in-law. She found an apartment, and a job in the hospital kitchen. Gerda was not used to big cities, she knew little English, and she missed her children very much. But, as always, she and John prayed together every night, and they felt God’s presence as never before.

When John was well enough to return home, he and Gerda bought an old house in the village of Drayton and made one room into a little store. John could not walk, but he was good with numbers, and he could talk to anyone. The little store prospered.

Over the years, John’s health deteriorated. Eventually he was completely dependent on Gerda for care. “It was not an easy life,” Gerda says, “but a tough life is better for the spirit.” Now that John is gone, Gerda misses him terribly. “He gave me so much,” she says simply.

When John first came courting, Gerda was not the least bit interested in him. But she prayed about John, as she prayed about everything else, and slowly her heart changed. Gerda’s unwavering testimony is that with prayer and perseverance on our part, God will bless us, even in difficult circumstances!


Lord, You give strength to Your people and bless us with peace (Psalm 29:11, para.). We praise You. Amen.