Time Not to Laugh

Susan Damon

READ : Ephesians 4:25-32

One of the first obstacles facing the new immigrants was learning English. But several times I heard how patient and helpful the Canadians were as the immigrants struggled with a new and difficult language. At every opportunity, said Diny and Cor, the farm couple he and Diny worked for would explain and teach them new words. “And,” added Diny, “they never laughed at us!”

“They never laughed at us!” That comment struck me. Laughter is God’s gift to us, but sometimes the best gift we can give to another is not to laugh.

Children, especially, know the pain of being laughed at. If you are a child or young person, you probably know how much it hurts to be laughed at for how you look, or what you wear, or for something you’ve said or done by mistake. Being laughed at makes us feel small and stupid, angry and sad.

Jesus knows what it feels like to be laughed at. People mocked Him at His worst moment, even as He hung on the cross. And yet He prayed, “Father, forgive them.” May God help us to forgive those who laugh at us, and may He give us the courage to stand up for others who are laughed at. As children of God, may we be known not for unkind laughter, but for kindness,respect, and holy joy.


Lord, teach us when to laugh and when to refrain from laughing. In Jesus’ name. Amen.