The Lesson of Manna

Susan Damon

READ : Matthew 6:25-34

To prevent a cash drain from the country after the war, the Dutch government strictly limited the amount of money emigrants could take with them. Trudy remembers they could take only $80.

So people converted whatever money they could to household goods. “We used to joke that some people even brought stones for their kraut pots (to hold the cabbage in the brine),” says Trudy. Some immigrants bought all new appliances. But, arriving in Canada, they discovered that, because of different amperage, their Dutch appliances couldn’t be used.

Sometimes God must shake His head at our attempts to provide for ourselves. Remember the Israelites in the desert? When God sent manna, He told them to gather only enough for one day. Those who doubted God’s provision and gathered more woke up the next morning to a stinking, wormy mess. Then, before the Sabbath, God instructed the people to gather a two-day supply of manna, since no manna would fall on the Sabbath. Those who thought they had learned their lesson from the spoiled manna, and refused to put aside extra, went hungry.

Certainly God wants us to be prudent in planning for our futures. But let us remember the lesson of the manna: the beginning of prudence is absolute trust in God’s provision and obedience to His will.


Lord, as we make plans for the future, may our trust be wholly in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.