The Same Stars

Susan Damon

READ : Psalm 19:1-14

For many of the younger people, beginning a new life in Canada was an adventure. But for older people, immigration was often more difficult. They left behind so much, knowing they might never return.

Oma Reinders came to Canada when she was in her 50’s. Sometimes at night, after a hard day, she would go outside and gaze up at the sky. “The same stars as in Holland,” she would say to herself, “and the same God.”

The next starry night, if you are able, go outside. Look up, and think to yourself, those are the same stars! The same stars God challenged Abraham to count if he would know the number of his descendants. The same stars King David pondered with awe as he wrote Psalm 8. The same stars the Wise Men searched for meaning, which they found at last in a little Child in Bethlehem. And the same stars that bathed an exhausted Jesus with their soft light when He escaped to lonely places at night to pray.

And the same God! Among and through and beyond the stars, the same loving God watching over His people everywhere in Bombay, in Topeka, in Copenhagen, Quito and Banff. Holding us and our loved ones, both near and far away, together in His sight. The same great and faithful God!


Lord, when we consider Your heavens, we marvel. How majestic is Your name in all the earth! Amen.