Urgent Frugality

Susan Damon

READ : Genesis 2:15

John’s grandfather’s socks badly needed mending. Money was scarce, but somehow John’s grandmother managed to buy a bit of yarn. “Nay!” protested Opa when Oma showed him the yarn. “You could unravel yarn from the tops of other old socks, and use that!” Those of us who have plenty marvel at such frugality. But for Oma and Opa, it was the only way to survive.

The challenge for us who have much may be less immediate than surviving another day, but it is no less urgent. We must be responsible users of the resources God has given us, even in times of abundance.

We find it difficult to be sparing of water when it gushes freely from the tap. We don’t think twice about a trip in the car when there is no shortage of gasoline. And it is hard to remember that food is a precious gift from God when all around us we see surplus.

And yet, for the love of God, we must do all these things and more. Even if careful, conscientious use of our earth’s resources is not essential to our immediate personal survival, it is essential for the future of our planet and for the welfare of generations yet to come. Our call is always to look beyond the present, and to live not for ourselves but for God and for others. May we hear that call!


Lord, may we tend Your garden well. Forgive us when we are selfish and wasteful. In Jesus’ name. Amen.