Choosing Well

Susan Damon

READ : 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

The people I visited grew up with far less materially than most of us have today. When Trudy was a girl, she had just two dresses, one for everyday, and one for Sunday. Ann’s father and her brother could never go to town at the same time, because they owned just one pair of good pants between them. “We didn’t know any different,” responded Trudy when I commented on the contrast between such relative scarcity and the mounds of laundry my family generates every week. “Everybody had the same,” said Ann.

Today, through the mass media, we are constantly reminded of the things we don’t have, and of people who have more. Television, magazines and billboards bombard us with temptations to covet. But if we pay attention, the media remind us also of the many, many people in our world who have less. Materially, by world standards, most of us are truly rich.

Life is short; let us choose well. What will we want to present to our righteous King when we meet Him face to face? A nice house, a closet full of designer clothes and a fancy car? Or a life that was rich in love and service? Selfish pursuit of material possessions produces hearts that are hard and empty. But generous sharing with those in need produces hearts overflowing with thankfulness and joy.


Lord, may our passion in life be service to You. We claim Your promise that You will provide whatever we need. In Jesus’ name. Amen.