The Mind of Christ

Susan Damon

READ : Philippians 2:1-8

From the time they were 12 and 14, Tina and Bob had eyes only for each other. But they came from two denominations that were bitter enemies, and their families and their churches strongly opposed their relationship. For years Tina and Bob struggled to know God’s will, then one night, after praying together on their knees, they decided to marry anyway.

God blessed Tina and Bob with over 45 years of marriage. When Bob passed away, they had been friends for almost 60 years. “We knew each other so well,” says Tina. “We knew what the other wanted without saying a word.”

You might say Tina had the mind of Bob, and Bob had the mind of Tina. True followers of Jesus yearn to have His mind, to think as He thought, to live as He lived. But that is hard work, just as a good marriage is hard work. It requires prayer, meditation on Scripture, and total commitment. We know we are acquiring the mind of Christ when, like Him, we begin to see possibilities for redemption in Zacchaeuses and Mary Magdalenes, when we are willing to cast aside reputation to dine with outcasts, when we are incensed by hypocrisy and injustice, and when security and comfort matter less to us than service. In such unity of spirit with Christ we find true fulfillment and joy!


Jesus, keep us close to You, so we may acquire Your mind, a mind of love and service. Amen.