God at Work

Susan Damon

READ : Psalm 40:1-11

For many years our church’s outreach into the community was hampered by its reputation as “the Dutch church.” Besides that, many of our members had their roots in one (or more!) of just four families. If you didn’t speak Dutch, and you weren’t related to someone in our church, at least by marriage, it was hard to feel at home.

But a few years ago that began to change. A number of non-Dutch families from another local congregation, unhappy with their denomination, began worshipping with us. With their arrival, the all- Dutch stigma began to fade, and it became easier for other folks from the community to feel comfortable among us.

Over the past few years our church has experienced significant growth. The presence of new members has enriched us, and has also forced us to learn ways of welcoming the stranger, something we are still learning! But we are humbly aware that our growth has come partly at the expense of another congregation.

So we have no reason for gloating or conceit. Instead, we must marvel at the amazing power of God to wrest good even from human dissension and strife, and to accomplish His purposes not only through us, but sometimes in spite of us.


Lord, we marvel at what You do for us. How awesome are Your works in our behalf! (Psalm 66:5) Amen.