Triumph in Death

Susan Damon

READ : Romans 8:28-39

Periodically, Nazi agents swept through Dutch villages and the countryside, rounding up young men for forced labor in Germany. Diny will never forget the day they came to her farm, near the German border. Alerted beforehand, Diny’s two brothers had gone into hiding. “Tell us where your sons are,” the agents demanded of Diny’s father, “or we will take you.”

“I will go,” replied Diny’s father. And so, at the age of 59, Diny’s father set off on his bike every morning at 5:00 for Germany. The weather was often rainy, and he soon developed pneumonia. Because of the war, medicine was scarce, and Diny’s father died. The memory still causes Diny pain. “He was my best friend,” she says quietly.

Undeniably, the death of Diny’s father was a great injustice. And yet, in his death there was also triumph. His funeral text was the last two verses of today’s Scripture. Not even Hitler’s evil could separate Diny’s father from the love of God.

How much greater a triumph was the death of Christ! For His death flowed from the purest, sacrificial love and perfect obedience. We can imagine God thundering, as Jesus breathed His last, “Even so, Satan, we are not defeated!”


Lord Jesus, You triumphed through death. May our deaths be triumphs for You. Amen.