The Work of Redemption

Susan Damon

READ : John 10:11-18

One day during the war, Trudy and her brother and sister were walking home from school. A woman from their village joined them and struck up a conversation. When the children arrived home and told their parents about the incident, the parents were alarmed. For Trudy’s father worked with the underground resistance, and the woman was a German collaborator. Trudy’s father immediately went into hiding, fearful that the children might unwittingly have revealed incriminating information.

Fight or flight: those are the normal human reactions to danger. You and I would likely have fled too, had we been Trudy’s father. Yet consider Christ in the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing full well what Judas was up to, knowing full well what torment lay ahead. He could have fought He had the power. He could have fled too, and oh, how He must have longed to do so. For He was fully human, and that is the instinctive human response.

And yet, He would not fight, and He did not flee. Alone in the Garden, He fought every normal impulse for self-preservation, and submitted Himself completely to His Father’s will. Then He stood and waited quietly for Judas’ betraying kiss, to continue with profound obedience the awful work of redemption.


Lord Jesus, You were like us in every way, sin excepted. We praise You for Your obedience, we thank You for Your love. Amen.