Bursting Past the Bounds

Susan Damon

READ : Romans 5:1-11

It was the night of Good Friday, 1945. The Allies had landed in Holland, and in some areas the fighting was fierce. Jerry’s family huddled in a bomb shelter, shells whistling and thudding overhead.

In Jerry’s family, faith was not readily expressed. At mealtimes, prayer was silent, never aloud. But that awful Good Friday night, there in that dark shelter, Jerry’s aunt prayed out loud! asking God for protection, and thanking Him for sending His son to die for their sins.

Good Friday forces us to confront the enormity of our world’s evil. On this Good Friday the evil around us may be less immediately life- threatening than plummeting bombs, but it is no less serious. We witness senseless violence and brutality, wanton environmental degradation, and flagrant injustice, oppression and disregard for human life. If we are honest, we must acknowledge our own participation in evil, whether actively or by our inaction.

Yet, it is when we face our guilt head on that we are most vulnerable to grace. And as we contemplate with awe the unfathomable love of a God who refuses to give us up, perhaps our thankfulness, like that of Jerry’s aunt, will burst past the bounds of our normal reserve.


Lord Jesus, may our gratitude for Your amazing love burst forth in lives of praise and thankful service. Amen.