God's Willing Grief

Susan Damon

READ : Matthew 27:45-54

All night Jerry’s family huddled in the bomb shelter, but by morning the fighting had subsided. Anxious for the safety of cousins who lived nearby, Jerry and his father set off on foot for their house.

Crossing a field, Jerry and his father came upon the corpse of a German soldier. Here was one of the enemies who had tormented their land for so long, but his death gave them no pleasure. They saw that he was no older than 16 or 17, hardly more than a boy. “He has a mother too,” Jerry’s father said sadly.

Somewhere in Germany that day was a mother who had lost her son. And looking down in sorrow upon the whole wretched scene was a God who, long before, had lost His son too, His beloved son. The darkened sky and earthquake after the crucifixion testified to the depth of God’s anger and grief.

Who of us would willingly give up a beloved son to be tortured and killed? Yet our God did. He didn’t have to! At any point He could have plucked Jesus from the clutches of His tormentors, and whisked Him back to the safety and splendor of heaven. He could have left us to ourselves, let our world deteriorate into hell on earth. But He didn’t. He went through with everything He had promised, willingly, for us! What a Savior!


God in heaven, we lay before You our sinfulness and guilt. We trust completely in Your unfailing love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.