Living in Hope

Susan Damon

READ : Revelation 5:1-14

Leaving the dead German soldier, Jerry and his father hurried on to their cousins. They had no idea whether they would find them dead or alive. But reaching their destination, they witnessed a miracle. The earth all around the house was pocked from exploding shells, and a farm building had been destroyed, but the house and its occupants were safe!

Huddled in their bomb shelter on Good Friday, Jerry’s family did not know that, just when the fighting was fiercest, the war was nearly over. No services were held in Jerry’s church that Easter, for the enemy was everywhere but the enemy was in retreat! Liberation was at hand, and within days there would be jubilant celebration and services of thanksgiving.

Today, around and within us, the battle is fierce, and evil seems so strong. But we live in hope. The moment the cold, stiff body of Jesus began to stir and warm, the moment Jesus’ eyelids fluttered open, Satan must have howled with rage. For he knew then that he had been beaten, that it was only a matter of time. Satan’s forces fight ferociously, with the desperation of the damned. But we, the beloved people of God, must stand firm, resisting evil and clinging to the expectation of our final liberation. Lord Jesus, come quickly!


To Him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever! Amen. (Rev. 5:13b).