When God Laughs

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 2:1-12

This Psalm has four parts. The first (vv. 1-3) deals with a sinful world in rebellion against God (v. 1). Our newspapers are full of expressions of that rebellion. The spirit of our age is not one of submissiveness to the rightful authority of God.

The second part (vv. 4-6) deals with God the Father. Rebellion against Him is so ridiculous that He laughs. Who are these little human beings who think they can be successful in rebelling against the omnipotent God? This is utterly absurd, yet many people think they can do just that. Other parts of the Bible tell us that God in Christ also weeps over the fact that He knows those in rebellion are ruining themselves. We Christians are to share in that grief and do all we can that rebels may hear the gospel and be saved.

The third part of the Psalm (vv. 7-9) deals with Christ, for He is the Anointed One mentioned in verse 2. He is the King the Father has installed on His throne. Paul applies this passage to Jesus in Acts 13. John refers to it in the book of Revelation.

The last part of the Psalm (vv. 10-12) is the proclamation of the church to the world, including its rulers. We are to call upon them to surrender to Christ (vv. 10-11). If they refuse to do so they will be destroyed. But “blessed are all who take refuge in him” (v. 12). Have you fled into the inviting arms of Jesus?


Father, work by Your Spirit in the hearts of many people across the world that they might turn to Jesus. In His name. Amen.