For People with Problems

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 3:1-8

The context of this Psalm is the rebellion of David’s son Absalom. David finds help by remembering who God is. He is a shield (v. 3) against the attacks of his enemies. God can be a shield for you in the midst of your problems. God is also the source of David’s glory. He is being treated shamefully, but his relationship to God places this in a different context. God is also the One who lifts up David’s head. He had left Jerusalem with chin on chest. But focusing on God, he can hold his head high. All that God was for David, He wants to be for you.

David is also encouraged by what God is doing for him in the midst of his trouble (vv. 4-5). He realizes God is answering his prayer, in spite of his past sin. And God is sustaining him, enabling him to sleep although the attack of Absalom may be imminent.

He is also encouraged by what God will do for him in the future (vv. 7-8). He prays that God will defeat his enemies and he has the faith to believe that God will. David’s call to God to arise reminds me of a similar incident in the New Testament. Stephen is being stoned. But he sees Jesus standing, looking over the parapets of heaven, so to speak, ready to act on his behalf. He does not protect Stephen against the stone, but enables him to die with the same forgiving spirit that Jesus had.


Father, life is full of problems. Give me Your grace to deal with them by focusing on You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.