If You Don't Repent

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 7:1-17

The same Bible that teaches about the love of God also teaches about His wrath (v. 11). It teaches clearly that if a person does not repent of his sin he will be punished. One of the greatest ways in which God punishes people is not to send a thunderbolt from heaven but to leave them to themselves. Without God’s grace, they sink further and further into sin and the natural consequences of that sin become a severe punishment (vv. 14-16). Paul also speaks of this method of punishment in Romans 1 where he describes how God lets people sink further and further into sin. The Bible tells us that whatever a person sows that will he also reap.

But what we are interested in speaking about is how people can avoid punishment. Some versions translate verse 12, “if a man does not repent, God will sharpen his sword.” We know many passages in the Bible call us to repent so that we may escape the consequences of our sin. Repentance means literally to change our mind. Before repentance we either think we are good enough or that we can do something to save ourselves. When we repent we realize we are sinners who are hopelessly lost in ourselves and we put all our hope in Christ. Realizing our salvation is all of grace, we are very grateful (v. 17) and in gratitude we seek to live lives pleasing to God.


Father, we look to Your Son as our only hope to escape the tragic consequences of our sins. In His name. Amen.