Who Is the Enemy?

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 9:1-12

David is here praising God for defeating his enemies. Who is the enemy? In the case of David, it was the pagan nations around him who were always looking for an opportunity to crush him. But who are our enemies? Sometimes we are our own worst enemy. By having wrong attitudes we poison our soul. The Bible tells us that the devil is our enemy. The Word tells us that the devil is sometimes like an angel of light, making bad things look good to us. The Word also says he is like a roaring lion, attacking us by sending us powerful temptations.

God has made provision for victory over our enemies, self, the devil and any others who may attack. That provision is found in Christ, through His death and through sending us His Spirit to work in our hearts. The Cross assures us of forgiveness. The Bible says that Calvary was the place where Christ defeated Satan on our behalf. The devil was very real to Martin Luther but he said, “When the devil knocks on my heart’s door I send Jesus to answer the door.”

God has provided fully for victory over your enemies. Therefore do what David did, praise God for so wonderful a deliverance. Let us have the attitude of David when he said, “I will praise you, O Lord, with all my heart” (v. 1).


Father, help us to recognize who our enemies are and to turn to Your Son for victory. In His name. Amen.