God Sees

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 10:11-18

In this Psalm, David struggles with the fact that God allows wicked people to be victorious. He describes their wicked activities (vv. 2-10) and then explains their inner attitude, the idea that God doesn’t see or care about what they are doing. Many wicked people ignore God. They do not believe that they will have to give account to Him. But the Bible says over and over again that God does see, as the Psalmist reaffirms in verse 14: “But you, O God, do see.”

God is deeply interested in every human being in the world. If they do wicked deeds, He is angry. If they hurt other human beings, He will punish them for such conduct in this life and the life to come.

This should impact our thinking in three ways:

1. If we are being hurt, God will do something about it, although His action may not be as quick as we impatient people would like it to be.

2. We must be sure that we are not hurting other people. God sees and He will call us to account.

3. We must warn the wicked that God does see. Our tendency is to get angry with the wicked and hope they will soon be punished. But they also are precious souls who need to hear the warnings but also the good news that God will have mercy on them if they will repent.


Father, how good to know that You see our situation. Help us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.