Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 14:1-7

We have no right to call someone else a fool because we are so foolish ourselves. But God’s Word calls a person who thinks there is no God foolish (v. 1). There are two kinds of atheists: blatant atheists who deny the existence of God as part of their creed, and practical atheists who do not deny the existence of God but who live as if there is no God.

If we are to have an answer to such people, we need to ask ourselves why we believe God exists. As I ask myself that question, the first answer is that the Holy Spirit has instilled that belief in my heart. In another sense, I believe in God because my parents and the other significant adults in my life believed that. What a privilege to grow up in a Christian home!

I also see the question from another aspect. As I look at this amazing world, it seems more reasonable to believe that this universe was created by God than that it came into existence by itself. If there is a God, it makes more sense that He is a personal being, than some impersonal force. As I think of the ways God has been portrayed, to believe He is like Jesus seems more reasonable than any other concept of God.

But one can accept the idea that there is a God and yet live everyday as if He did not exist. Since there is such a wonderful God as the One revealed by Jesus Christ, He deserves a response of obedience.


Father, work by Your Spirit convincing people of Your great ness. In Jesus’ name. Amen.