Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 26:1-12

As I prepared this meditation, reading in the New International Version, I was struck by the fact that David, both in verse 1 and verse 11 claims to “lead a blameless life.” Did this mean that he thought he was sinless? That is contrary to his Psalms of confession in which he recognizes the enormity of his sin. But in other versions I found that many of them translate these two verses as walking “in integrity.”

David was not sinless but he was sincere. He sought to live a blameless life. As the Living Bible says, “I try to walk a straight and narrow path of doing what is right.” We cannot be sinless, but we must be dedicated to living a godly life, seeking to do God’s will.

Some think it is sufficient to be sincere. That is not true. If you are flying in a plane and you sincerely believe you are headed for Hawaii when in fact the plane is en route to England, all of your sincerity will not get you to Hawaii. You are sincerely wrong.

While it is not sufficient to be sincere, it is insufficient to be insincere. Integrity has to do with sincerity; it has to do with being honest with yourself and with God. Insincere people are hypocrites and you know how Jesus berated them. We cannot be blameless, but we must walk in integrity. We must believe in Jesus in all sincerity. We must seek to do His will in all sincerity. If not, we are lost!


Father, we do seek to walk in integrity, to obey our Savior in all things. In His name. Amen.