Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 27:1-14

Some people have little confidence, some have confidence in themselves, and some have confidence in God. We need confidence, but self-confidence is not enough, because we are frail creatures of clay. God alone is in control of every situation.

The Psalmist begins by saying that even when the situation is difficult, he will be confident (v. 3). The reason is that he finds his strength in God (v. 1).

Worship is so meaningful to him, that it is the one thing he is asking for in this time of his difficulty (v. 4). It is his communion with God that keeps him going in the struggle. When we gather with God’s people in the sanctuary, we should not focus on the pastor, on the people, or on ourselves, but on God. Here we should find the strength to face the week ahead.

Worship is a dialogue with God. It is a matter of seeking God’s face (v. 8), that is, coming into personal contact with the God in whom the Psalmist trusts because he has found His help in the past (v. 9). Knowing he is received by God in mercy, he asks for direction in the midst of his difficulties (v. 11).

The Psalmist knows that God often acts more slowly than we would like, but he reaffirms his confidence in God (v. 13). He realizes he must be patient (v. 14). We need to do the same. God’s timetable is perfect, though it may not look that way to us.


Father, we are weak, but You are strong. Increase our confidence in You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.