The Voice of the Lord

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 29:1-11

The first two verses of this Psalm emphasize the idea of giving God the glory He deserves. Glory always refers to an outward expres sion of the greatness of God. The first question in the Westminster Catechism asks about the main purpose for living. The answer is that we must glorify God and enjoy Him forever. You cannot glorify God in your closet; you must do it in public. God is great. The world needs to know how great He is.

The next verses speak of the voice of the Lord. They refer to the powerful sound of thunder. God is in control of the weather. Jesus demonstrated His divine power when He stilled the storm. Pray for the kind of weather that will produce an abundant crop. All depend on such abundance. Pray that such abundance may be spread more equitably among all the people of the world. God has produced enough for everyone. While most who read this page have too much, millions have too little. Thunder is the voice of God revealing His great power. But His Word accompanied by His Spirit is more powerful. May it go forth across the world leading many to Christ.

The final verses speak of God’s power and His willingness to use that power to bless His people. Our loving heavenly Father is the Almighty Lord of the universe. What a comforting thought!


Father, we thank You that You have chosen to use Your power on our behalf. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.