Our Spiritual Homeland

Scott Nichols

READ : John 14:1-14

“Welcome to your spiritual homeland!” That was the greeting that met us as we boarded the tour bus at the Tel Aviv airport. After a series of delays we were finally in Israel, the land of the Bible, the land of Jesus, the land of our faith. Now fifteen weary travelers from South Dakota were preparing to walk where our Savior had walked!

Sometimes we forget that Jesus became flesh and lived among us. This was one of the great lessons that came from our time in Israel.

This month I invite you to share what we learned about Jesus and our faith during our trip to the Holy Land. I hope that you will wrestle as we did with what it meant for Jesus to dwell among us as one of us. As we consider the sights, sounds and circumstances of His life, we will try to glimpse some of that glory that so moved John and the others to write their Gospels.

Our guide was right. Israel is the spiritual homeland of the Christian. We are, by faith, descendants of Abraham. The stories of Israel are our stories too. And the life of Jesus is as real as any that was ever lived. Come join us on a pilgrimage!

Discuss: What difference does it make to you personally that Jesus lived among us?


Lord, help us to grasp what it means that You sent Your Son to live with us. May He dwell more fully within us by His Spirit. In His name. Amen.