The Door of Humility

Scott Nichols

READ : Philippians 2:1-11

To approach the birthplace of Jesus, you must humble yourself. Literally! The entrance to the Church of the Nativity is a small door about four feet high. Originally built to prevent horses from enter ing this holy site, it serves now as a wonderful object lesson on how we should approach Christ.

Once inside the church you are greeted by wide open spaces and rich artistry. The altar area gleams with gold and flickering can dles. The actual spot where Jesus was supposed to be born is marked by a large silver star. It is quite a beautiful shrine, but a far cry from what is was like when Jesus was born. No gold or silver, only the cold and some straw. No grand altar, but a simple stone manger.

Paul writes to the Philippians to remind them how much Jesus had to humble Himself to save us. He did not have to merely stoop to enter a room. He had to give up so much more. All the gold and silver of this world is nothing compared to the riches of heaven. And Jesus left the glories of that place for the sinfulness of this world. For us! May that thought humble our hearts today.

Question: What do you think you should give up considering Jesus’ sacrifice?


Father, help us to realize just a bit of what Jesus gave up for us. Help us to have that same mind among ourselves. Make us humble. In Jesus’ name. Amen.