Learning Obedience

Scott Nichols

READ : Luke 2:41-52

Today Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth is a bustling city. A predominantly Arab-Christian community, it has all the sights and sounds one would expect of a thriving tourist town. But two thousand years ago it was just a small village. Here Joseph had his carpentry business, Mary made a home and Jesus grew up. Not much different really from the way you and I grew up.

As we walked back to the bus one afternoon, the alleyway we were going down was suddenly filled with laughing, playing children. As they passed I tried to imagine Jesus playing in these same streets. I wondered about His playmates. Did they see anything different about Him? Or was He just little Jesus, Joseph’s boy? We know very little about Jesus’ childhood. The only real account we have comes from our text in Luke. Yet, it appears that Jesus grew up like every other child.

What stands out for me is what Luke says in verse 51: “He was obedient to them.” Even though He was God, Jesus obeyed His parents. Even when they made wrong decisions, He listened. Consider that. If Jesus was willing to be obedient to His earthly parents, how much more should you and I be willing to obey our heavenly Father! Do we?

Question: In what ways must you be more obedient to God?


Lord, help us to learn obedience to Your will and Your way. We ask this in Christ’s name. Amen.