Water Words

Scott Nichols

READ : Mark 1:1-11

Yardenit. That is the name given to the place where tradition says John baptized Jesus in the River Jordan. It wasn’t what I expected. Too many movies led me to look for rocks, sand and hills. In fact, this quiet little bend in the Jordan is green and lush, the waters calm and very clear.

As we stood beside the Jordan, in my mind’s eye I tried to picture the scene: Jesus coming up out of the water, the heavens opening and God speaking, “You are my beloved Son, with You I am well pleased.”

These words come back to me every time I baptize someone. I hope that God speaks these same words each time someone receives the waters of baptism. He spoke them to me. These “water words” should be as encouraging to us as they were when first spoken to Jesus.

Throughout the Christian life, we must remember that we are children of God, sons and daughters of a heavenly Father. He loves us. And He always will. Nothing can separate us from that love. Being washed in the blood of His Son, He is also pleased with us. We have His mark of approval placed upon us in the seal of baptism. When times get difficult, let us return to these “water words” and find comfort and strength.

Discuss: Which “water word” do you need to hear today?


Father, speak to us again and again throughout our lives. In Jesus’ name. Amen.