Remembering Baptism

Scott Nichols

READ : Romans 6:1-14

One of my favorite pictures from Israel shows me kneeling by the banks of the Jordan renewing my baptismal vows. Unlike many of you, perhaps, I was baptized at sixteen when I joined the church. So I, not my parents on my behalf, was responsible to take the vows. The sacrament of baptism is not repeatable. But the vows made are renewable. God’s promises stand firm forever, but our commitments waver. From time to time it does us good to remember what God expects of us.

Paul tells us in Romans that our baptism is tied to Christ’s death. In baptism, we are receiving the promise of God that our sins are taken away solely because of the cross. Since we have died to sin, we can now live in newness of life, which means that we should not let sin rule in our new lives. We no longer obey our passions, but obey God. We are not under the law but under grace.

Have you thought much about baptism? If you were young when baptized, talk to your parents. Perhaps you can ask your pastor for a copy of the baptismal service for your church. If you were baptized, look carefully at the promises made either by you or for you by your parents. Are you keeping your promises to God?

Question: What does it mean to be baptized into Christ’s death?


Father, help me to offer my life as an instrument of righteousness. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.