Home Missions

Scott Nichols

READ : Matthew 4:12-25

One of the first things that strikes visitors to Israel is how small the country is, barely 70 miles across and 210 miles long. Yet this small strip of land has impacted human history in a way none other ever has or ever will. Here is the very cradle of our faith.

But what is even more surprising to me is that most of Jesus’ ministry encompassed only a small fraction of this tiny nation. Our guide pointed out that most of Jesus’ preaching and teaching took place in Galilee. And of that region most of the sites we find listed in the Gospels are less than three miles apart. Imagine that . . . almost 80% of Jesus’ life was spent in His own backyard! Jesus ministered mostly to those nearest Him. Yet how tremendous was the impact of that ministry! Indeed, from that small arc of land around the Sea of Galilee, the entire world found the key to salvation.

What does this say to you and me? It tells me that I don’t need to go overseas to impact the world for Christ. I can have an influence in my own neighborhood. With those closest to me. The greatest mission work we can do is “home missions.” Reaching out to family and friends with the Good News of Jesus. Mission is wherever you find yourself.

Question: In what ways can I impact those closest to me?


Lord, open my eyes to see the need in my neighborhood. In Jesus’ name. Amen.