Open House

Scott Nichols

READ : Mark 1:21-34

The large blue sign announced our next stop as “Capharnaum The Town of Jesus.” All that remains of Jesus’ adopted town is a few ruins and a new church. The most prominent ruin is the ancient synagogue that dates back into the third century and stands upon the spot where Jesus taught 300 years before. But it is the newly-excavated ruins beneath the modern church that drew the most attention on our trip. Recently some archeologists are saying that this place was once the house of Peter!

In this site where Christian symbols and fish hooks have been found, Jesus healed Peter’s mother. Here He watched as the roof was torn up to let down the paralytic. To this place He would come and rest at the close of His journeys throughout Galilee. If Mary and Martha’s was His home away from home near Jerusalem, this home was His stop in Capernaum. What an honor it must have been for Peter to open his home to the Savior!

Jesus is still looking for homes that will be open to Him. Places where He can come in and find receptive hearts and willing hands. Jesus wants your home and mine to be places where He still can minister grace. Behold He stands at the door and knocks.

Discuss: What are some ways we can open our homes to Jesus?


Lord, help us to make our homes Your home too. Enter in. Amen.