Wine, Weddings and Song

Scott Nichols

READ : John 2:1-11

John records the first miracle of Jesus as turning water into wine. The small chapel in Cana stands over the spot were tradition claims that miracle took place. Our tour group crowded into the small room under the chapel and stood around its one prominent feature, a large water jar. Some say this is one of the actual vessels used by Jesus. After today’s passage from John was read, one of the pastors in the group led the married couples in a time of renewing their own marriage vows. It was a very moving moment for many of those present.

There is something to be made of the fact that Jesus performed His first miracle at a wedding. It was a reminder to us that God still sees the institution of marriage as a sacred one. That is no surprise since God was the originator of marriage in Genesis. Today there are so many things that tear at the fragile fabric of marriage. More than ever we need God’s blessings upon husbands and wives. In no place do we need to see more of His glory shown. Perhaps some of you reading this day’s meditation need to seek God’s grace to keep your marriage alive and strong. Remember He still performs miracles of love.

Discuss: In what ways is Jesus part of your marriage?


Father, there are so many things that work against couples today. Please grant grace sufficient to keep love alive and marriages focused on You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.