On Galilee

Scott Nichols

READ : Matthew 14:22-33

One of the places most connected with the ministry of Jesus is the Sea of Galilee. Many miracles took place around or on it. Most of them involved Jesus’ disciples out in a boat. The most famous of those incidents is the one recorded in today’s Scripture.

The day we rode upon the Sea of Galilee, the breezes were mild and the waves were gentle. But it can quickly turn around. When the winds whip down the Valley of the Doves, the sea can begin to churn up big storms, storms that would scare even the most seasoned of fishermen. So it was on this night during the fourth watch as the Twelve struggled against the wind and the waves.

As Jesus always does, He came to the disciples in the midst of the storm. “Don’t be afraid!” He said. But that wasn’t enough for Peter. He wanted to come to Jesus on the waters. And he did. As long as he kept his eyes fixed on the Lord, he kept afloat, but as soon as he looked at the storm raging around, he sank like a rock. The storms of life can arise seemingly out of nowhere, churning up our situations and threatening to sink us. Don’t lose heart. Learn from Peter. Keep your eyes upon Jesus and He will walk with you through the storm.

Discuss: What storms do you face?


Father, the storms of life are many; help us to keep watching Jesus. On this Mother’s Day, we thank You for our mothers. Amen.