Jesus' Boat

Scott Nichols

READ : Luke 5:1-7

In 1985, after ten years of drought, the Sea of Galilee yielded up one of its secrets. Near Kibbutz Ginossar, an ancient wooden fishing boat was found. Tests proved conclusively that it dated back to the time of Jesus when He walked the shores of Galilee. Who knows, perhaps it was the one that Peter left on the beach when he went to follow Jesus.

Peter’s fishing boat was one of his most prized possessions. It represented a great financial investment. It was his livelihood, his workplace. And to Peter’s place of work, Jesus came and asked if He might use it for a while. Little did Peter know what would happen when he allowed Jesus to sit down. Not only was he instrumental in letting others hear the Good News, later on he received his own private miracle and an invitation to follow Christ. All because he was willing to let Jesus use his boat.

One of the most important places we need to let Christ’s light shine is in our workplaces. How crucial it is that others see us serve our Lord where we work! Our integrity and honest labor testify to how Jesus influences all areas of our lives. Perhaps if we allowed Christ into our workplaces, we might see more miracles in our lives.

Discuss: How can I show Christ in my workplace?


Father, we thank You for the gift of work. Show us how we can work for You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.