He Will Supply

Scott Nichols

READ : Matthew 17:24-27

I have two rather different, yet related, items I picked up in the Holy Land. One is a polished stone from the Sea of Galilee and the other is a key chain. What they share in common is that both have a fish imprinted on them, a unique fish. Its lower jaw juts out prominently. I don’t remember its scientific name, but its common name is the Saint Peter’s fish. It gets that name because of its unusual habit of scooping up items off the sea floor with its protruding jaws. These fish have been pulled in and found to have stones, buttons and even coins in their mouths!

The miracle of Peter and the coin in the fish’s mouth is not one we often hear about. It pales next to the feeding of the five thou sand or the raising of Lazarus, but it has just as important a lesson to teach us. God will supply our needs, not only the big ones but the small ones as well. And many times He will meet those needs by using the resources at hand. Whether He uses a little boy’s lunch or a fish with a strange habit of picking coins up off the bottom of the sea, God cares for us. Do you believe that? It’s true. Open your eyes today to see His marvelous provision.

Discuss: How has God provided miracles in your life?


Lord, thank You for meeting our needs. Give us eyes to see life’s small miracles. In Jesus’ name. Amen.