Stopping in Jericho

Scott Nichols

READ : Luke 18:35-43
Luke 19:1-6

On our way from Galilee to Jerusalem, we stopped for lunch at the Temptation Cafe in Jericho. It sits at the edge of the wilderness where Jesus was tempted by Satan. Jericho is one of the more familiar biblical cities. Who can forget the song “Joshua fit the battle of Jericho”? Yes, we did see the fallen walls. It is a must spot for the tourist.

Jesus, however, didn’t really have time to stop in Jericho. He was on His way to Jerusalem and to the cross. In just a few days He would be riding into Jerusalem. Surely there was no time for chit-chat or a sit-down meal; eternity hung in the balance. Salvation was to be won. It was the most crucial time in Jesus’ whole ministry.

That’s why I am amazed by today’s text, particularly verse 40, which says Jesus stopped. How wonderful that Jesus would take the time for one blind beggar! Even with the weight of the moment before Him, He took the time to hear the cries of one man. Then, as if He had no cares in the world, He stopped to make dinner reservations with Zaccheaus.

Friends, this should encourage you today. If Jesus was willing to put destiny on hold to stop for Bartimeaus and Zaccheaus, He is willing to stop for you. Nothing is more important to Him than that.

Discuss: Do I take the time to stop for others?


Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me! Amen.