Waiting for New Jerusalem

Scott Nichols

READ : Revelation 21:9-26

As I write this meditation I am looking at the group photo taken from the Mount of Olives overlooking the city of Jerusalem. It reminds me how beautiful it was. You see the great stone walls rising up from the plain. The ancient city gates, many still in use today, beckon one to enter in. Jerusalem is truly one of the world’s great cities. In the very middle of the group stands Lloyd. Soon after our return from Israel, he was found to have cancer. Almost one year after we went to Jerusalem, Lloyd went home to be with the Lord.

Shortly before Lloyd died, he and I were talking about the trip to Israel. We were remarking on all the sights we saw and how wonderful a time it had been. I remember commenting how glorious Jerusalem looked in our group photo. Lloyd smiled and said: “That’s true, Pastor, but how much more glorious will be the New Jerusalem!”

What for you and me is still a living hope is a reality for Lloyd and for those who have gone before us. But someday soon, you and I will hear the archangel’s call and will see the Lord coming again in clouds of glory. We, like John, will witness the New Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God. Friend, will you be ready to enter in?

Question: Have you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior?


Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Amen.