Commercialized Christianity

Scott Nichols

READ : Mark 11:12-19

They’re everywhere! On the sidewalks, in the alleyways and even on the buses! Who are they? The vendors in Israel. You cannot go to any sacred site without being besieged by someone trying to sell you something. Olive wood crosses, picture postcards, Roman coins, Bible bookmarks, you name it, they are hawking it. And they won’t take no for an answer. This was probably the most disappointing aspect of our time in Israel. It seemed so commercialized.

Not much different from the time of Jesus. Buyers and sellers crowded the Temple courts, making it hard for people to draw near to God. So with righteous anger, Jesus clears His Father’s house, driving those who would profit from religion out of the way of the true worshipers.

Could we stand a similar housecleaning today? Have you noticed how commercialized our faith has become? We have Christian buttons, T-shirts, posters, jewelry and so on. Slap a cross on it and it sells. Some of our preachers spend more time peddling products than proclaiming the gospel. Are we cluttering up our Christian lives so much that we are losing sight of God? What would Jesus say to those who try to profit from our faith? Let’s take a long hard look at how we promote and sell Christianity.

Discuss: Do the Christian items you own help or hinder your faith?


Father, help us to worship You in the right spirit. Amen.