The King's Game

Scott Nichols

READ : Mark 15:12-20

It was all a game! That’s what we found as our group entered the remains of the Roman garrison at the Antonia Fortress. The mocking, the scourging, the purple robe and the crown of thorns were all part of a game that the Roman soldiers played with Jesus. Carved into the floor of the fortress was the crude design that symbolized the “King’s Game.” It was often played with condemned prisoners to add to the humiliation of their last hours.

How ironic, that this simple game that created false royalty for the pleasure of cruel soldiers would be played with the true King of Kings! It added greatly to my understanding of Jesus’ words: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Do you play games with Christ? Do you pretend at your faith? Putting on a false face and playing by His rules only when it suits you? Be warned that someday, maybe soon, we will all stand before the great King and it will be no game. Our eternal destinies will not rely upon the roll of the dice, but upon how we accepted Christ for who He really is. If we stand by Christ crucified, we shall reign with Christ glorified forever and ever.

Discuss: What are some games people play with God? What are some games you play with God?


Father, I don’t want to play games with You. Help me honor the King of Kings today and always. In His name. Amen.