Calvary at the Crossroads

Scott Nichols

READ : Mark 15:16-32

Nearly two thousand years have done little to lessen the impact Calvary had upon our group as we saw it for the first time. The caves in the hill give it the eerie appearance of a grinning skull. In Jesus’ day, the road past Calvary was one of the busiest in all of Israel. It was chosen as a place of execution for maximum visibility and effect. So adding insult to injury, as Jesus hung between those two thieves, the crowds passed by hurling words that cut as deep as any thorn.

Today Calvary is still at the crossroads of Jerusalem. At the very foot of Calvary is one of the main bus terminals in the city. Daily, thousands load and unload in the shadow of the cross. Yet sadly the crowds don’t even stop to insult; they just ignore. Here where our salvation was wrought, people pass by without a second thought!

Yet in spite of the world’s ignorance, the cross still stands, as the old hymn puts it, “o’er the wrecks of time.” Oh, how so many lives could be changed if they would only take the time to stop and ponder what took place on that desolate hill! Friends, Calvary stands at the crossroads of time, and at the crossroads of your life and mine; don’t pass it by without pausing to pray even a simple word of thanks.

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Jesus, keep us near the cross in all the experiences of life. Amen.