Scott Nichols

READ : Matthew 28:1-15

There is only a simple wooden sign with the words “He is not here! For He is risen!” to mark the site of Christ’s resurrection. The tomb is tucked away within an enclosed garden inside the city of Jerusalem. Yet within those walls, the noise of the traffic seems to disappear. We had returned to the tomb for Sunday morning worship. The crowd that gathered was so small, a few dozen people at best. My surprise at finding so few worshipers in such an important place led me to speak to the man who led the service.

His response was so simple, yet so profound. “What did you expect?” he said. “It’s only an empty hole in a hillside.” I pondered that thought for awhile and today I find great wisdom in his words. It’s true. What makes the tomb so important is that it is empty. Jesus is not there. He is alive and at work in His world.

That was the message of the angel at the tomb. Yes, come see the place where He was. But then go quickly and tell the Good News. And the Good News is that Jesus is gone ahead into the Galilees of our lives waiting for us to catch up with Him. There is no need to dwell on the emptiness, when the fullness of the resurrected Christ is available to us!

Discuss: What does the empty tomb mean to you?


Lord Jesus, fill us with resurrection power! Amen.