Do You Love Me?

Scott Nichols

READ : John 21:1-19

On the shore of the Sea of Galilee is the Church of St. Peter’s Primacy. Outside stands a large statue of Christ reaching out to a kneeling Simon Peter and putting a shepherd’s staff into his hands. As I consider the picture of that statue again, I find a special comfort. How often, like Peter, I have turned away and denied my Lord. How often I have neglected to do what He wanted me to do. Like Peter, I know the shame of failure. Yet I also know what it is to find forgiveness in the loving eyes of my risen Savior. When I fall, He is always there to lift me up and recall me to His service.

Friends, all of us are less than we ought to be. We each have a bit of Peter lurking in our lives. We stumble along the narrow way. Denying and defying. In our hearts the rooster still sadly crows. But there is Good News. Our failures are not final. Jesus still has a word for us, “Do you love Me?”

If you truly love Him, know that He has a ministry for you as well. We all have sheep we can feed. They may be our spouses, our children, our friends or our neighbors. Let them know God loves them and that you do too.

Discuss: Who are the sheep you can feed?


Lord Jesus, You know that I love You. Help me to love Your sheep. Amen.