Scott Nichols

READ : Acts 1:1-14

I’m once again looking at the group photo taken on the Mount of Olives. I see the faces of friends old and new, bound together by a unique shared experience. As I look, I think how much like those first disciples all of us are. Like them we have followed in the footsteps of Jesus. We have caught a glimpse of what it was like when Jesus walked with us. Now we are empowered to go and be witnesses to what we have seen. We have a story to tell from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth. As my former congregation in South Dakota will tell you, I at least have gotten a pretty good start. I am amazed they didn’t grow tired of my Israel stories! God bless them!

But you don’t have to go to Jerusalem in order to be a witness for Christ. Our ascended Lord is no longer bound by time and space. He meets us in all the places of our daily lives. He is there in your home, in your workplace, in your church and wherever you go. And He wants you to tell your story. Each of us has a unique perspective to share of our walk with Jesus. We all have sacred places where Christ has become real to us. Spread the Good News! Christ lives, and He lives in us!

Discuss: In what places have you met Jesus?


Jesus, day by day become more real to me. Then help me share that reality. Amen.