Reputation, Righteousness, Regard

John DeJong

READ : Job 1:1-3, 8

Character. Today this word, preceded with adjectives like odd, strange, crazy, etc., is used in a derogatory way. An older, better meaning confers a high compliment. For example, “She has character!”

My dad was a university graduate, unusual at the turn of the century. He never mentioned his own background, but I remember him saying often of others, “He/she is a well-read person.” From Dad, it was a high compliment regarding the person’s character. His words still ring in my head, “Character is what I most appreciate in others and desire to cultivate in myself.”

Job’s high character is seen first in his reputation with others. The book of Job speaks into the annals of history the great truth concerning this man, “He is truly a good man!” Secondly, the author says of Job, “He respected God and refused to do evil.” Beyond his reputation, Job cared only about what God knew about him. Springing from a personal relationship with God, true self-respect was his motivation, holy living his strong intent. God’s high regard is best of all! In verse 8, God himself says of Job, “no one on earth is like him, he is a truly good person who respects me and refuses to do evil!’


God, please inspire us to raise our standards. Equip us with character like Job’s. Keep us from seeking anything less than what You would say of us, “He respects Me and refuses to do evil.” In Jesus’ name. Amen.