Perception,Prevention and Prayer

John DeJong

READ : Job 1:1-5

Some parents say of teenagers, “You’ve just got to trust them.” Others, like myself, try to keep some control “forever” including successive generations!

Naivete is dangerous in parenting. Job had once been a young man. He may have gone to a few parties. He knew what could happen. Fun, sometimes innocent, but at other times dangerous, can lead to disastrous results. Note that Job didn’t try to keep his children under his control. He didn’t say, “no more feasts, no more drink ing.” On the other hand, he never stopped being concerned and sensitive to what his children might do, only to have regrets later.

I tried to put a hedge around our children: curfews, no dating at drive-ins, no parking and “sparking.” My wife nurtured them with words of concern and careful trust, cultivating respect. Rare was the evening, after a date or after being out with a bunch of friends, that they didn’t come into our bedroom, sit on the bed and talk for an hour with their mother.

After every party Job called for his children and “performed a ceremony.” I’m sure it conveyed in some way the dangerous reality of sin, the wonderful grace of God and a rekindling of their relationship with their heavenly Father. Why try to be a parent alone? Partner with the heavenly Father through prayer along with your children.


Heavenly Father, You love each one, no matter what our age. Help us to be the best possible parents! For Jesus’ sake. Amen.