Do Your Thing, Satan

John DeJong

READ : Job 1:12-22
Job 2:1-6

When we accept that Job is a real man whose story is true in every detail, the questions are no longer only about Job, but especially about God.

I’ve been there, and so have you, or you will be! How could God be in control of this! I feared accusing God so I accused other people. More often, I accused myself, bringing self-doubt and timidity, when I should have been bold. I buried anger so deeply I didn’t know it was there until I nearly had a breakdown.

For thirty years my greatest human inspiration has been the Temple family: Arleigh and Sophie, Butch and Joanie. Butch, with the effects on his body of cerebral palsy, “appeared” handicapped. Joanie, the third child, had Downs Syndrome.

It seemed Arleigh and Sophie didn’t have “handicapped” in their vocabulary, only “potential.” With steadfast faith and unwavering family determination, Butch became an independently successful businessman, farmer and breeder of cattle. He is a husband to a beautiful wife, a youth sponsor, consistory leader and MY hero. Joanie is simply the most beautiful, loving person I will ever know, shaping the attitudes of the DeJong family regarding every person.


Father, we may never fully understand You or Your ways with us. We can and will trust You. You are and always will be our heavenly Father. You will make all things work together for good. In Jesus’ name. Amen.