Nothing's Changed?

John DeJong

READ : Job 2:1-5

Job is still a truly good person. God brags about him, “He hasn’t changed even though you persuaded me to destroy him for no reason.” Satan’s opinion of Job, and of us, remains the same, that we are like worthless chaff.

An admired friend and his wife have had Job-like experiences: the tragic death of several children, the elusiveness of financial success. When his wife underwent major surgery, he shared with me his fear of what test might finally break him. I see in him a good man, growing spiritually in spite of pain.

Nothing’s changed? Not so. Job, in enduring Satan’s first onslaught, is better prepared for the second episode. God, who never left him, will stay even closer to Job, finally answering Job’s questions. He will be true to His promise, “things work together for good.”

Reject as a blasphemous lie any theology that suggests that God is in no way connected to our difficulties, our pain.

Nothing’s changed. God remains sovereign! He is always a loving God with a good purpose in mind.

Everything’s changed! If you doubted Job, you now have greater confidence in his character. Hopefully, while watching Job, you have learned, “I can do that, with God’s help, I can do that!”


Dear Holy Spirit, help us know You are guiding all events in our lives to a good end. Keep our faith strong. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.